Small Shifts, Big Impact (BLC 13)

closing the gap towards empowered learning

How large is the gap that truly exists between the real and ideal for learners? Are there ways to “tweak” (small shift) instruction that will enlist students as deep questioners, critical thinkers and effective problem-solvers (big impact)? What if we created a “Destination Postcard” of the ideal learner, and designed learning experiences from there? Join this Switch-inspired think-tank on lesson design and implementation strategies that empower students to think and act their way to the acquisition and connection of content while developing enduring learning dispositions. (Common Core Compatible)

Attendees will engage in discussion and consider activities designed to help educators:
  • Consider content acquisition as a vehicle for learning (means not end).
  • Develop learner-driven ways to leverage digital tools, environments and processes.
  • Apply concepts from Switch (Chip & Dan Heath) to identify “small shift / big impact” possibilities in lesson (re)design.

Shelley Paul l @lottascales

Sara Wilkie l @sewilkie

Switch by Chip & Dan Heath -

SHIFT 1: Bright Spots

How to Find the Bright Spots

SHIFT 2: Make Thinking Visible

Artful Thinking
Visible Thinking Routines
Flickr Creative Commons
Creative Commons Search

SHIFT 3: Shape the Path

SHIFT 4: Mine the Process

Thinkering Studio
Student Portfolios & Formative Assessment
Google Drive
Genius Questions

SHIFT 5: Grow the Culture

Mindset by Carol Dweck
What is Growth Mindset?
Destination Postcard Template
Flashloan (Make a difference the world in 60 minutes...)