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  • I Think - the idea behind this blog is to give you the opportunity to respond to different statements online. By doing this you will formulate arguments and begin writing expositions and discussions.
  • Family, Friends and Enemies
    Middle school students study Johnny Tremain using a private Ning network. Over time, the students began to "own the space." Several students decided (on their own) to create a comprehensive study guide for the book, using Google Docs. They shared it with students the following year.
  • Extremely Loud and Incedibly Close
    A novel study using a blog platform to explore themes, historical
  • First Grade Study of Polar Bear Regions
  • Middle School Current EventsA Middle School Class, studying and posting thoughts about current events
  • Science Spot - A Collaborative Podcast Asking and Answering Questions About Science
  • Kootman's Class -We maintain 3 text blogs, a student creation blog and archived podcasts.
  • 1001 Flat World Tales - Global writing workshop emphasizing peer editing and revision. The challenge: "You are a modern Scheherazade. You must tell an 'amazing' story that keeps your King interested in order to stay alive. You will have an advantage over Scheherezade, though: you can draft and revise your story until the 'King' -- three or four of your classmates -- judge your story is good enough to allow you to survive."
  • Climate Change Debate - Global Studies climate change debate. Teams of students research the issues, take positions on them, develop an action plan, and create a database of links to valuable information regarding the topic.
  • Code Blue - Sixth grade students learning about the human body open their own online "medical clinic."
  • Constitutional Convention Gets an Update - This wiki takes the history and politics of the 1787 Constitutional Convention and portrays them using the modern media tools -- "We were there!"
  • Discovery Utopias - Middle school students answer "all of the great questions" of society (What is the role of government, What is the responsibility of the individual, etc.) and come to a collaborative consensus about what a society truly needs in order to reach for perfection and sustainability. Click the Discovery Utopias link at the bottom of the navigation area (just above the visitor map) to view the student projects.
  • Eracism Project - A global student debate that joins diverse cultures and includes authentic debate for global competence and international mindedness.
  • Great Debate 2008 - Students in grades 8-12 lead an exploration and discussion of issues and candidates surrounding the 2008 presidential election.
  • Small Stones - AP Calculus students write their own textbook by "scribe posting" a review of each day's lesson.
  • The Students' History - A living collaboration between two Ohio middle schools, this student-written history text serves as a model of what Alan November terms "student-owned learning."
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